Membership & Registration

  1. There shall be two classes of membership, as follows:
    (a) Regular members: Those individuals interested in the Society who have at least a graduate degree or its equivalent in the field. Each regular member should pay US$50 per year as membership fee. Regular members receive all publications of the Society and have the right to vote and to hold office.
    (b) Student members: Individuals who are actively pursuing an academic degree. Each student member should pay US$30 per year as membership fee. Student members receive all the publications of the Society and have the right to vote, but they may not hold office.
  2. Annual membership dues shall be set by the Executive Council, which shall review dues levels periodically and make adjustments based on the financial needs of the Society.
  3. Conference Registration Fee for members: US$100 for Regular Members, US$50 for Student Members,                   Conference Registration Fee for non-members: US$130 for established scholars, US$70 for students.