2020 KF Scholarship for Graduate Studies in North America

   2020 Korea Foundation Scholarship 

   For Graduate Studies in North America

Program Outline

KF scholarship for Graduate Studies(GS) program is aimed to foster a new generation of Korean Studies scholars by providing scholarship support to students who are currently enrolled in an MA or PhD program in Korean Studies.


Applicant Eligibility

• MA or PhD students currently enrolled in North Amecira graduate program (as of  2020 Fall Semester) on a Korea-related topic in the humanities, social sciences, arts or cultural studies

• Must be a registered student at the university of the enrolled program

• Have citizenship or permanent residency status in a country outside Korea (Permanent residents must already have obtained permanent residency status as of January 1,2020)

*Excluded programs: natural science, medicine, engineering, MBA, law school, graduate school of translation and interpretation


Number of Available Scholarships

Approx. 10


Grant Period

1 year (September 1, 2020 to August 31, 2021)


Grant Amount

 US$25,000 per year


Application Schedule

• Application submission period: January 13 – 18:00, February 18, 2020 (KST)

• Notification of acceptance: April 30,2020

 ※Notification date is subject to change without prior notice.


Required Documents

1.   Online Application (https://apply.kf.or.kr/)

2. Supplemental materials (uploaded to online application)

A. Research Proposal (must not exceed 3 pages)
(1) Download and fill out the Foundation’s Research Proposal form (attached) and then upload the completed form to the Online Application.  Please attach a bibliography separately.

   (2) Applicants who are applying for a second/third scholarship period should describe the progress made during the previous scholarship period.

B. Transcript

(1) Master level: Academic transcript of undergraduate degree  ※Applicants who are applying for a second scholarship period are only required to submit the academic transcripts of the previous scholarship period.

(2) Doctoral level: Academic transcripts of Master’s degree and undergraduate degree ※Applicants who are applying for a second/third scholarship period are only required to submit the academic transcripts of the Doctoral courses.

 C. Curriculum Vitae: Including information about educational experience, professional experience, and Scholarships and grants received in the past and a list of research accomplishments and publications.

D. Three (3) Letters of Reference
(1) Dissertation supervisor: 1 copy
(2) A professor who is qualified to assess your research proposal: 1 copy
(3) An individual who is able to verify your Korean language competency: 1 copy

※After an applicant files an online application, the KF’s Online Application System will automatically send an email to the recommender provided by him or her. The email will request that the recommender write a letter of reference and upload it onto the KF Online Application System. Therefore, applicants should inform their referring party about this before completing the application process. Please also be aware that the deadline for reference submissions is 18:00 KST on February 18.

※Applicants who are applying for a second/third Scholarship period are only required to submit one reference by the dissertation supervisor.


How to apply


Click on the “Apply” button at the bottom of this program announcement and complete the online application form.

The “Apply” button is only activated during the application period from January 13, 2020 to 18:00, February 18, 2020(KST).

※The application form and all other required documentation must be submitted in Korean or English.


Important Reminders on Application Process

•  MA students are eligible for funding for the GS program for up to two years. PhD students are eligible for funding for the GS program for up to three years.
• Applicants must reside in the country of the university at which they are registered.

• Applicants proficient enough in Korean to be able to use Korean primary sources for their study and research are especially encouraged to apply.

• Scholarship recipients may not hold concurrent Scholarships from either the Foundation or any other third-party institution.

• Scholarship recipients must enroll in the program applied to at the semester indicated on the application. Enrollment may not be deferred to the following year.


Responsibilities of Scholarship Recipients

1. Submission of a report

Scholarship recipients are required to submit a report within one month of the end of the Scholarship period, detailing the progress made during this period. The report must be drafted and submitted using the KF’s report form.

2. Further reporting requirements

Scholarship recipients, upon obtaining their degree, are required to submit a copy of their MA thesis or PhD dissertation to the Foundation.

※The Korea Foundation will monitor research progress annually for three years following the conclusion of the fellowship period. Fellows who do not fulfill their responsibilities will not be eligible for future support from the Korea Foundation


Further Inquiries

Contact Information: cykoh@kf.or.kr / 82-64-804-1113

Regarding KF Application Portal system: helpdesk@kf.or.kr

                                                                      APPLY Here

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