EASSSR Election in 2019

Dear all paid members of EASSSR,

We officers are pleased to let you know that the election for new vice president and council members should be made from November 1 to 15, 2019. All cadidates for this election were recommended by other members and gratefully showed their willingness to serve EASSSR  especially for their term.

I.  Candidate for the Vice President from 2020 to 2022

             Yoshihide Sakurai, Sociology, University of Hokkaido, saku@let.hokudai.ac.jp

According to the EASSSR Constitution Article IV.2, (http://www.easssr.org/index.php/regulations/)

“a Vice President shall be elected by members from the Society’s membership. After serving as the Vice President for a term of two years, this person shall become the President. After serving as the President for a term of two years, this person shall become the Past-President for a term of two years.”

Therefore, the current President (Fenggang Yang) shall become the Past-President (2020-2022), and the current Vice President (Francis Jae-ryong Song) will take the position of President (2020-2022). We need to elect a new Vice President.

II (1). Candidates for Council Members from 2019 to 2022

    Kuo-Hsien Su, Sociology, National University of Taiwan, khsu@ntu.edu.tw

    David Palmer, Sociology, Hong Kong University, palmer19@hku.hk

    Tomoko Fukuda, Sociology, Chiba University, Japan, fukuda@faculty.chiba-u.jp

    Mark Mullins, Sociology, University of Auckland,

New Zealand, m.mullins@auckland.ac.nz

II (2). Candidates for Council Members from 2020 to 2023

     Francis Lim, Sociology, Nanyang Technology University, fkglim@ntu.edu.sg

     Hung-jen Yang, Sociology, Academia Sinica, hjyang@gate.sinica.edu.tw

     Hyun-Jong Choi, Sociology, Seoul Theological University, luvchoi@hanmail.net

     Xiangping Li, Sociology, East China Normal University,  xpleelee@163.com


As of September 2019, council members whose term has expired already:

Ke-hsien Huang,   huangk@ntu.edu.tw (2018-2019), National Taiwan University,               Taiwan.

William Wu,   mtcarmel63@gmail.com (2018-2019), Hong Kong Baptist                               University, China.

And, council members whose term will expire after the council meeting 2020:

Lily Kong,   lilykong@smu.edu.sg (2018-2020), Singapore Management                   University, Singapore.

Xiangping Li,   lxp_sh@mail.shu.edu.cn (2018-2020), East China Normal       University, China.

According to the Constitution V.4, “the term of the council members at large is three years. Each year, two new council members are elected to replace the two council members whose term is due to expire.” Also, the council has decided in July 2019 to increase the number of council members at large from 6 to 9.

Therefore, we need to elect two sets of council members at large, one set of four members for the term of 2019-2022, and another set of four members for the term of 2020-2023.

Given the newness of our association, the nomination committee could only present eight candidates for the eight positions in this election. In future elections, we hope to be able to present two or more candidates for each position.

As you see above, unfortnaltely, we have one candidate for each position this year.  In future years, I think that it is desirable for us to have more than two candidates for each position.

All paid-members of EASSSR are asked to complete voting for candidates for a Vice president and eight council members after reviewing carefully their brief bios and CVs by clicking on the link below:

 Brief Information for all candidates and CV for some

All paid-members will receive the surveymonkey link for voting and its quidance available for two weeks from Novemmber 1 to 15, 2019. If you have more questions about this election, please be free to contact General Secretary, Kwangsuk Yoo, by easssr2017@gmail.com.

Fenggang Yang, President of EASSSR

     Oct 15, 2019

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